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2007 Annual Conference:
Keynote Presentation
John O'Rourke Senior Director -Product Marketing
Rob Cybulski and Jay Hampton 
Finit Solutions
DataFusion Extractor
Terry Shea
Eric Kauffman
System 9 Upgrade
Peter Murray 
Peter Murray 
FDM Beyond Consolidation
Rob Cybulski 
Finit Solutions
Implementing Essbase at Ford Motor Company
Prasad Arghal and Sarma Anantapantula
Ford Motor Company
2006 Annual Conference:
Keynote Presentation
Bob Powers
Hyperion Solutions
Implementing Financial Management
Greg Feld
CheckPoint Consulting
Implementing Reporting & Analysis at Chicago Mercantile Exchange
Andy Banas, Tao Zuo & Eric Kauffman
Chicago Mercantile Exchange
Palladium Group, Inc.
Hyperion System 9 BI+ Roadmap
Dave Collins
Hyperion Solutions
Performance Suite Migration  & Merge Lessons
Ken Kane
Leveraging Excel to Improve User Interface Design
Phil Brosnan
Johnson Controls
Getting it Right with Hyperion Financial Data Quality Manager
Craig Colby
Hyperion Solutions
Synchronize Your Enterprise with Hyperion Master Data Management
Phillip Nifong
Hyperion Solutions
Hyperion System 9 Applications+ Roadmap
Steve Draper
Hyperion Solutions
2005 Annual Conference:
Keynote Presentation
John Kopcke
Hyperion Solutions
Leveraging Executive Dashboards with Business Intelligence
John Baron
Genesys Medical Center
Implementing a Sales Performance Management Dashboard at Delta Faucet
Neal Cawi
Synchronizing Master Data Throughout the Organization
Charlie McGowan
Hyperion Solutions
Why Migrate from Enterprise to Financial Management?
Mike Malwitz
Hyperion Solutions
Sustaining Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance
Dan Craft
Ernst & Young
Essbase 7X Tips and Tricks
Charles Chatman
Hyperion Solutions
2004 Annual Conference:
Beyond Budgeting with Hyperion Planning
Jim Bolger
Hyperion Solutions
Integration of Hyperion Applications with Hyperion Hub
Jim Bolger
Hyperion Solutions
Financial Consolidation & Reporting Compliance with Hyperion Financial Management
Jim Springer
Hyperion Solutions
JAC Products: Implementing Hyperion Financial Management
Robert DeWolf
JAC Products
2003 Annual Conference:
Keynote Presentation
John O'Rourke
Hyperion Solutions
Hyperion Business Modeling, Strategic Finance, Performance Scorecard
Len Romano
Hyperion Solutions
Hyperion Business Intelligence Platform
Steve Long
Hyperion Solutions
2002 Annual Conference:
Hyperion Essbase & Application Builder at DaimlerChrysler
Ed Suttor
DaimlerChrysler Corporation
EDS PLM Solutions: Analytic & Reporting Solutions
Michael White
EDS PLM Solutions
Hyperion Performance Scorecard and Business modeling
John Zern
Hyperion Solutions
Hyperion Essbase XTD
Karen Zubetz
Hyperion Solutions
Hyperion Financial Management & Planning
Mike Williams
Hyperion Solutions
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